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9 months ago
Just over a week to going @TicketSource
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catherine bass @catherinebass
Was @ExeterCathedral yesterday, what a #ChristmasMarket! If you visit Friday 29/11 you can shop, eat, drink and then enjoy GRAND BAROQUE IV with @ecse1610 @MSB1567 @trumpetruss, music for Vienna & Salzburg Cathedrals-all in one glorious space...spoil yourself!
9 months ago
Looking forward to seeing you all there...needs you guys to make the magic!
9 months ago
Idyllic location for the choir, rehearsing Grand Baroque IV in a couple of weeks @culmstock @ExeterCathedral #Biber #Sances @ecse1610 @MSB1567 BEMPEarlyMusic photo
11 months ago
Adding the supporting programme... Fantini from @trumpetruss, Vinzenz Fux from @ecse1610 & @MSB1567, Guerrero from BEMP choir, what will it be @devinemusicman and @WilliamFLyons ? Find out Nov 29 @ExeterCathedral
Tix @TicketSource www.ticketsource/blackdowns-early-music-projects
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