Seasonal music for the final Third Thursday concert of 2021

The Waites of Gloucester close our 2021 Third Thursday series on Dec 16th

10 December 2021

Gaudete!  A programme chock full of traditional seasonal fare, sung and played on equally traditional, period instruments.

Karen Jones (Soprano) with Simon Pickard, Fenella Spiers, Rachel Tedd, Mark Venn Instruments include:
recorders, flutes, gemshorns, curtals, shawm, three different sets of period bagpipes, crumhorns, cornamuse, sordunes, a Mary Rose pipe, and a rebec.

The programme is  a mix of folk and traditional, where it can be very difficult to give an exact date of origin, with sixteenth/seventeenth century ‘literate’ music, some of it in polyphony.  We range over English, German, Flemish, Italian, and Spanish pieces – and, of course, Ding dong Merrily started life as a French dance.

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