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9 April 2021 14:22
Breaking silence to announce our new concert series , Third Thursday May thru Dec in All Saints' Church, Culmstock EX153JD. Info
@newevialles1 Frances Kelly @nick_becki Emily White @musicalamicable @devinemusicman @GawainGlenton Gloucester Waites
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Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects2 April 2021 11:36
It has taken so much longer than we had hoped to be able to say this.... but at last!
Real Live Music…the silence of the last year is coming to an end; whatever anyone says, there is absolutely no substitute for real live music, whether you are a performer or enjoy being there to listen.
The BEMP Third Thursday recital series opens on May 20th in partnership with the Friends of All Saints' Church Culmstock. Check our event listings for full details
Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects1 January 2021 10:47
Happy New Year to all friends, followers, musicians and fellow performers! The New Year Resolutions from BEMP? To get everyone together again as soon as possible, to pick up what we were forced to put down, to make and enjoy real live music - there is no substitute...🎶
Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects29 November 2020 13:33
So, here we are a whole year on from BEMP’s last event, which was Grand Baroque IV in Exeter Cathedral. Feels like a lifetime ago. Anyway, 2020 is nearly over, and frankly not too soon for many practising musicians, be they professional or dedicated amateurs who love to perform. BEMP was forced to suspend all plans for the year, deferring all our events to 2021.
COVID permitting, these events will be reinstated in 2021, so in May a choral weekend and concert with JanJoost van Elburg and a separate Viols, Lutes and Voice workshop weekend, then another choral weekend and concert with Martin Perkins featuring renaissance music from Bologna later in the year. In November look out for Grand Baroque V in Exeter Cathedral – big music for a big space!
All these together with a brand new series of monthly recitals and concerts in All Saints’ Church, Culmstock…..
The BEMP THIRD THURSDAY series is designed to offer a performing platform for some of our regular professional players, with a real audience (socially distanced if still necessary) in a lovely acoustic. In addition we are hoping that the events will also provide a means for The Friends of Culmstock Church to supplement their fund-raising activities to contribute to maintenance and essential improvements to this beautiful Church which happens to be right on our own doorstep! More information soon, to register your interest please email
Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects8 August 2020 17:09
One for the traditional fiddle players here! Glad to see that Morag is making the best of online teaching opportunities! She played - phenomenally - for BEMP in May 2019 in Gawain Glenton's programme exploring music at the time of the Viennese Habsburgs
Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects shared a quote.28 July 2020 08:54
Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects15 May 2020 21:07
Try to make time to see this amazing compilation of home made performances by Gramophon magazine award winners.. an eye-opener and completely stunning. Then consider that many of them have empty diaries and no income for the forseeable future and make a donation if you can.
Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Gramophone Classical Music Awards Winners Charity Lockdown Gala
Gramophone Classical Music Awards Winners Charity Lockdown Gala To support musicians whose work has dried up due to the Covid-19 crisis, and who are finding ...
21 November 2019 05:25
Just over a week to going @TicketSource
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catherine bass @catherinebass
Was @ExeterCathedral yesterday, what a #ChristmasMarket! If you visit Friday 29/11 you can shop, eat, drink and then enjoy GRAND BAROQUE IV with @ecse1610 @MSB1567 @trumpetruss, music for Vienna & Salzburg Cathedrals-all in one glorious space...spoil yourself!
10 November 2019 12:49
Looking forward to seeing you all there...needs you guys to make the magic!
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