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The first Third Thursday approaches…..

....just a handful of tickets left for Thursday evening

17 May 2021

We just can’t wait for Thursday 20th May!  Thank you to those who have already booked for some – or even ALL of the series. If you have not yet booked, you might just be lucky enough to get the last of a handful of socially distanced seats for Newe Vialles aptly titled programme ‘Goode […]

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Blackdowns Early Music Projects
Blackdowns Early Music Projects16 July 2021 15:29
Third of the 'Third Thursday' series was a huge fun, massive thanks to Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll, just a little bit of what we all heard...
Blackdowns Early Music Projects

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30 June 2021 12:19
Thoroughly looking forward to welcoming Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll to @AllSaintsCulmstock on July 15. Live English Fiddles & Folk BEMPEarlyMusic photo
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