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Maestros del Monasterios

Church of St John the Baptist, Wellington TA21 8QY
15 January 2017 6:00pm
Principal director JanJoost van Elburg led this programme of rarely heard late 17th and early 18th works from collections found in two monasteries in Madrid, the Monasterio de la Encarnacion and the Monasterio de las Descalzas Reales.
The composers working there throughout the 17th century (and later) were influenced by the legacy of the great Tomas Luis de Victoria, who had lived in Descalzas Reales until his death in 1611.
There is much of the grand polychoral style of St. Mark’s in Venice, by composers such as Ambiela, Picanyol, Juan de Veana, Diego de las Muelgas and Pedro Rodrigo, all deserving of more performance.
Singers from the UK and Holland were accompanied by Frances Kelly (harp), Peter McCarthy (violone) and Martin Perkins (chamber organ).

Registered Charity: 1156177
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