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Chamber Series

John Kenny: The Mouthpiece of the Gods

All Saints Church, Culmstock EX15 3JD
17 November 2022 7:30pm

If you came to the concert by the trio of trombonists, Pandora’s Box, last year you will remember Emily White playing the the bicycle frame,  converted to be blown, plucked  and used as a percussion instrument, ably supported by Miguel Tantos  while John Kenny read a poem called Rust.

John returns  this year with his one man show, called The Mouthpiece of the Gods,which he describes as a lecture recital disguised as dramatic storytelling; an exploration of the long history of lip reed instruments featuring shells, animal horns, bronze horns, zoomorphism, cultural diasporas, and eventual reassimilation.  There will be many examples of  blown instruments of all shapes and sizes, designed to sound down the ages for a wide range of purposes…


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